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District cooling

The usage of district cooling will lessen your impact on global warming. If you’ve previously been using large chillers the installation and usage of district cooling will release the electricity the chillers been using and thus make it possible for you to save electricity.

We've been delivering district cooling since 2001. Our district cooling net is always under construction. At the present we provide district cooling in central Halmstad, in Sannarp, on the university area and along the eastern shore at Nissan. We have three different productions facilities for our district cooling. Together they have a large enough production to make it possible for us to deliver reliable cooling to all our customers.

District cooling is one of our greatest investments concerning our ambition to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solutions. Every building is different and they require different solutions for cooling. The district cooling is a flexible option with many different solutions. Some examples are customers using the district cooling to cool electrical cabinet, offices, food, machinery and premises in all its sizes. Whatever you need, we have the solution!

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