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Total energy

Total energy is a comprehensive energy solution we offer to business clients. We will tailor an environmentally friendly and affordable energy saving solution according your own wishes. We will invest money in your unit and will run and maintain it during the contractual period.

During the contractual period of your total energy unit we will fund installation and actions involving your facility and you will only pay us for our services. As a total energy client you will have access to counseling concerning energy from experts. You will receive a smart energy system and will be able to focus on you own business while we run and maintain your energy.

Saves time, energy and money
Total energy means that we start by identifying your current energy form and usage. Afterwards we present the proposed changes, which we of course can help you implement. We are highly proud of our total energy product which is a product that few companies in Sweden can offer. Let us do the work where we’re experts and instead devote your time and effort to your business.

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2014-04-28 12:51
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